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  • What is Octagon?

    Octagon is a puzzle game in which the player must navigate a ball around a maze. This is more than a simple case of getting from point A to point B: along the way, the ball must swerve to avoid holes in the floor, navigate moving platforms without falling, and face other such hazards.
  • What platforms is Octagon available for?

    The game can be downloaded for Mac, iOS Phone and Android. It is straightforward enough to function equally well as both a desktop and a mobile game.
  • Is Octagon slow-paced, like most puzzle games?

    No. This is a puzzle game that emphasises a fast pace above all else. From the high rate of hazards that come towards the ball, to the fast music playing in the background, the game is designed specifically to speed up the pulse of the player.
  • How many levels does Octagon have?

    As the various mazes used in the game are randomly generated each time the player runs the software, the number of levels in the game is effectively unlimited. No matter how many times the player runs the game, no two mazes will ever be identical.
  • How long can an Octagon session be expected to last?

    The game has a very strict time limit: the player must make it to the end of each maze within 60 seconds; any more, and they will have lost. This means that, by the very nature of the game, a single session will last no more than a minute. However, due to its replay value, the player will likely take the opportunity to enjoy multiple sessions in a row: how many they choose is up to them.
  • Who provided the soundtrack to Octagon?

    The game's background music was provided by the musical artist Sqeepo. It is designed to match the frantic pace of the game, and maintains a high speed and quick tempo throughout.
  • What age ranges is Octagon suitable for?

    With no graphic violence or other objectionable content, the game is suitable for all ages. That said, it should be noted that the game's fast pace may make it harder for younger kids to keep up with.
  • What influenced the game's visual style?

    Octagon has a distinctive visual style that was influenced by the minimalistic design of Appel's iOS 7. The game is built around white backgrounds and abstract shapes; as the backdrops to each else are randomly generated, like the levels themselves, playing the game offers a different visual experience each time.
  • Who created Octagon?

    The game is the creation of Lukas Korba, an independent developer based in the Czech Republic. He has stated that his intention behind the game was to give the player a pure challenge, without graphics or additional gameplay features getting in the way of the overall gameplay experience.
  • How much does Octagon cost to use?

    Although the game was available for a small free upon its initial release in 2013, Octagon can now be downloaded, installed and played completely free of charge.


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